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Potomac Crest recognizes that people come from different backgrounds and different generations. Our goal is to be a church that reaches more than just one group of people. On Sundays our Small Groups meet at 9:30 and the Worship service begins at 10:45.

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Potomac Crest believes that advancing God’s Kingdom doesn’t come through new ways of doing church, but through faithful discipleship by sharing life together (fellowship), and serving together (outreach). Our groups are the powerhouse for all fellowship and outreach or missions within our church.

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Red Door is the Student Ministry of Potomac Crest that serves 6th -12th grade.

What is Red Door? In other countries, a red door was a symbol of a place of refuge for the lost or stranded. It was a sign to travelers saying, “This is a place, a place that is always open where you can find rest.” The red door is a marker of hope for many people in this world because ultimately, Christ is our Red Door, and as the body of Christ we are called to be a Red Door for others.

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Our childrens’ ministry at is for infants through 5th grade. It is our hope at Potomac Crest that the Children’s Ministry can walk alongside you as you raise your children in the knowledge of Christ.

Our children’s ministry consists of Sunday Groups (Toddlers-5th), Children’s Church (K-4th), and AWANA Ministry. Realizing the importance of kids connecting with other kids, events are planned to achieve this goal. 

“And how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writing which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” – Apostle Paul
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Details coming soon!


Details coming soon!